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Ethnic Antiques Launch Event

When running a high end gallery purchasing is a major part of the daily business.

Michael Backman as a prominent London dealer is regularly offered large estate collections and makes many, many purchases each week. These purchases are often mixed collections of great art objects including items suited to the London gallery, among those collections are items which are less suited to the Michael Backman Gallery catalogue.

When I first joined Michael and Eddie as a consultant in the Mayfair Gallery, we discussed the objects among Michael’s collection acquisitions which were not selected to be offered for sale via the gallery. Leading to the concept of the Ethnic Antiques Website.

At Ethnic Antiques you will find beautiful authentic Ethnic Antique Decorative Objects for sale from those collections. All items will be priced below £500.

These beautiful pieces are perfect for emerging and established collectors,who want to be assured of good provenance and accurately described pieces to add to their collection. Each piece has been handled and appraised by Michael Backman and Sarah Corbett, we both pride ourselves on good research and integrity in the field. We also research the market place to offer sound pricing structures for all items.

We want these objects to be accessible and loved, we want the field of purchasing to be transparent and dynamic. Our plan to achieve this is simple; the objects will be offered on the Ethnic Antiques website with concise but sound descriptions, images and competitive pricing. We will then hold flash sales via our facebook page on a bimonthly basis, offering substantial discounts on a selection of the pieces. To take part in these sales please ensure that you like and follow our Ethnic Antiques facebook page.

To welcome you all to our new website we will be holding a fantastic Launch Promotion via facebook please visit our facebook page to take part in the launch event.

Our aim is art for all!

Michael, Eddie and Sarah.


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Michael Backman Ltd and Ethnic Antiques. A year of developments. By Sarah Corbett.

A meeting between those who share a deep passion for a particular topic can spark a million ideas. This was certainly the case when Michael Backman and I met a few years ago.

I visited Michael’s beautiful Mayfair gallery to purchase a pair of Anklets, following a couple of hours lost in animated conversation, I realised as I left the gallery that as rare and wonderful as the Anklets were our conversations were the more precious acquisition on that day.

Clearly, we both share a deep interest in beautiful decorative items from around the world, however there was also the drive to understand the history of those who created these items and the cultural significance of them. Further to this love of the items themselves, we shared a desire to offer well researched, factual information related to each piece.

It quickly became clear that our skills and knowledge could be collaboratively complimentary. With the precise business skills of Eddie Chin we felt that we had the perfect team to grow these ideas and our creativity, broaden our online activities, reach more people and share more information whilst upholding the integrity and standards of the Michael Backman brand.

The past six months have been spent moving all of our online activities to a new and exciting realm; Developing our social media and building two new websites which will both launch this summer. You can find out about these websites via our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter channels.

The first of our new websites to be launched is called offering a wide range of decorative arts from around the world all of which are in a price range up to £500. This dynamic project will offer regular Flash sales which will be announced and held on our ethnic antiques Facebook page …..please visit the page and like and follow us to ensure that you never miss a deal and can always be part of the fun.

Our original gallery website will be making some big changes too with a comprehensive redesign to offer a great user experience for those visiting the site. If you do not currently receive our catalogue we invite you to visit the website to request your copy via a monthly mailing list.
We are looking forward to sharing, communicating and trading with our fellow enthusiasts and collectors. We are committed to helping you to build your personal collection with great pieces with sound, well researched information offered alongside professional reliable service.

Warmest wishes

Michael, Eddie and Sarah