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A visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum

The collection of the General Pitt Rivers, a 19th century soldier and scholar is a wonderful sensory onslaught. His thirst to discover and to develop his understanding of human development oozes from a plethora of cabinets. The organizational system is an arrangement which tells us something of the quests and concepts which clearly delighted him. Objects from diverse origins and cultures are gathered under heading such as “Treatment of dead enemies” which contains a ghoulish gallery of shrunken heads, in contrast “Religious figures of Asia” greets the onlooker with rows of calm meditative Buddha. Continue reading A visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum

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The Global City – A book launch at the London Gallery of Michael Backman. Review and comment by Sarah Corbett.

by Annemarie Jordan Gschwend  (Editor), K.J.P. Lowe (Editor)

Publisher: Paul Holberton Publishing (December 19, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1907372889

A bridge between the world of the historian and the world of the collector. A concept which seems obvious, a concept which requires ‘two way traffic’.

As one whose awarenesses are deeply rooted within the realm of collectors and gatherers, I frequently dip into the world of historians to find details to affirm, or otherwise concepts around objects which I either own or appraise for others. This research is satisfying and brings much to a multi layered strata of connections and understandings of adornment as a worldwide and fluid topic. Continue reading The Global City – A book launch at the London Gallery of Michael Backman. Review and comment by Sarah Corbett.

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Tetouan is a town in Northern Morocco with Strong Historical links to Grenada.

In 1492 the Nasrid dynasty surrendered their rule of the Emirate of Granada. The surrender led to the mass arrival in Tetouan of those fleeing Spain. Moors who were of diverse religious and ethnic groups arrived in great numbers following an agreement between Abu el Hassan Al Mandari and Rachid Ibn Aliof Chaouen. Continue reading Tensifa

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The language of adornment – Tihuna

The drive to adorn oneself is considered by some to be one of the most basic human drives, following closely the need to procreate and survive.

The act of personal adornment is far from a simple exercise in beauty, and can communicate much about a person and their living environment.

The heritage, status, wealth, courage and origin of an individual can be communicated clearly within their choice of clothing, adornment and coiffure. Continue reading The language of adornment – Tihuna